Hi, I'm Beth.


Hi, I'm Beth.

I love helping people run longer and faster than they have ever done before.  And crowd surfing - that's cool too.

When I started running after college, I never thought any of this would happen.  It's been a wild journey, and along the way I've ran the Boston Marathon 3 times, completed a 70-mile ultramarathon, a handful of other ultramarathons, and more races than I can count.

What can I say, I love running.

And I'd like to share that love of running with you.

If you are looking to hit new goals in your running this year, and want the kind of support that will help you run faster, longer, and have more fun than you thought was possible...

Then I want to talk to you.

If you're ready, click here to connect with me and I'll be in touch soon.

Can't wait!