Hi I’m Mike Rinard, a 31 year-old email marketing copywriter from Philadelphia.

I managed retail clothing stores for years.

One of our biggest struggles was communicating with our customers in a way that didn't sound cold and corporate. Even when we tried to be innovative, the messaging felt a bit forced, and not genuine.

         Well hey there :)

         Well hey there :)

Those emails and marketing campaigns produced incremental results that barely moved the needle.

Ultimately, it wasn't enough to prevent a major cash crush that nearly bankrupt the business.

Then I remembered a simple story-selling approach I had used years ago as a street salesman in Portland, Oregon…and used it to write a new kind of email marketing campaign. It is a totally counterintuitive sales approach, but very powerful.

I call it “Counter-Punch Story Selling.” The business owner was nervous to send it out, but decided to go with it as the alternative was the same-old, same-old that just wasn’t working.

Sure enough, the first product launch I applied this story selling approach to did $19,000 in under 12 hours!

A 60% increase from the previous best launch for that company. On top of that, the business owner’s inbox was flooded with positive responses from his customers - something that had never happened before.

These days, I help top retail clients tell stories that sell in their email marketing. The result is a quick transformation from commodity products to compelling brands.

Sales typically shoot through the roof, and buyers graduate from "customers" into highly-engaged brand ambassadors.

If you’d like to see the counter-punch formula in action and apply the simple power of storytelling to your business, just enter your email address below (or in the sidebar).

I’ll give you instant access to my free e-book called Counter-Punch Story Selling, including the exact fill-in-the-blank template I used in that original $19,000 product launch.  See you inside.

Mike has the triple threat skill set being a talented writer, results-proven marketer, and instinctively good teacher.
— Kevin Rogers, Founder, CopyChief.com
Working with Mike on email marketing was the smartest thing I have done in the process of growing my business.
— Brett Farrell, Founder, Territory Run Co.
In my career in retail of over two decades, Mike is one of the easiest and most enjoyable people to work with. On top of that, he is an accomplished professional, and his marketing insights have been integral to successful product launches, and the double-digit growth of multiple, established retail businesses.
— Rich Brandon, Director of Retail Experiences, Superfeet